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Golden Gate

A nice vantage point, but not the vista I am looking for. A beautiful winter day in San Francisco. January 2013

You know how when you’re daydreaming and one thought leads to another? And next thing you know you are thinking about something way different than what you started out thinking about. And it can take you from one spectrum of the emotional level to the extreme other side. Like when you see the ice cream truck coming up your street and you have a flash back to when you lived on Butler Street and the Good Humor guy came around, ringing the bell and you and Patti Smith would stop him and buy a drumstick or ice cream sandwich. That memory gets you thinking about Patti Smith and what’s she doing nowadays? Hadn’t thought about her in a long time. Then you remember her brother and how cute and fun he was. Oh, you remember now, her brother Michael got drafted and went to Viet Nam. He was over there for a year. He came back a whole lot different. Freaking war. See? See how a person could go from Good Humor Ice Cream to war? That happened to me recently. Not the ice cream and war thing. The thing that has one thought leading to another thought that doesn’t seem relative at first.

While touring San Francisco recently, the abnormally co-operative winter weather offered up some nice photo opportunities. I’ve been trying to find a photo spot near the Golden Gate Bridge that I have been to once before, but I found it by accident. I have come close to finding the spot, but never exactly. But close. I will continue to look for that place when ever I have the time to cruise around the city taking photos. Okay, so on this particular day while driving in the city, watching for street signs, getting honked at, avoiding pedestrians and wild bicyclists I ended up in a totally different place then I was trying to get to. I followed signs I thought would take me there but  I ended up ( no pun intended ) at the San Francisco National Cemetery at Presidio. I have been to several National Cemeteries in my life but it is always a moving experience to see all those headstones lined up row after row; headstones commemorating servicemen and women who served our country. A percentage of those buried there died fighting during war time for our country. Of course, that thought led me to thinking about all my family members who have served in the military. And there were a lot of them. Our family has been a strong Navy family for at least three generations, but we had others who joined or were drafted into the Army and at least one Air Force enlisted man. ( I don’t know what you call an Air Force person – I think of Army as Soldiers and Navy as sailors, but what’s an Air Force person called? Humm.)  Anyway, standing among that backdrop of precision spaced headstones, it’s impossible to not give some thought of all the families whose children went off to war and didn’t return or those who did return and have scars that will never heal. That is kind of a bummer to be reminded of all that when I just wanted to take a picture. Then the happy thought came – all these service personnel buried around me made it possible that I could freely drive around a city, where there is not a war and photograph wherever and whatever I wanted!  There’s the silver lining. I’m just saying. I’m sending out a ‘salute’ to everyone who served our country in such a selfless manner. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I better get going I hear the ice cream truck!


Some people got to pick out there final resting place here at The National Cemetery at Presidio in San Francisco,  but I bet most of these people buried here never got to enjoy this view. Thanks to them I get to and so do you.

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Almost There



F Y I:

  1. In 2010,the final season for Jim Harbaugh as head coach of the Stanford Cardinals, he guided them to 12 victories and a #4 national ranking. His coaching skills relived as he coaches the 49ers in the 2013 Super Bowl.
  2. Which player had a team-high 72 receptions for the 2011 49ers?
  3. The 49ers of the 1980s are the only NFC team to win four Super Bowls in a decade.
  4. Against what team did the 49ers score a season-best 40 points in a game in 2010?
  5. Of 65 all-time games played on Monday Night Football, how many did the 49ers win : 30,33, 40, 44?
  6. What payer led the 49ers in scoring in 2010?




ANSWERS: 2) Michael Crabtree  4) Seattle Seahawks beating them 40-21   5) 40  6) kicker Joe Nedney – 50-points in nine games.


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