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I was Just Thinking…

I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately and there’s lot of time to spend thinking about stuff as I’m rolling dough into little balls, dozens of little round cookie balls.  One thing I wondered – again – why does vanilla extract smell SOOOO good and taste SOOOO bad when you taste it by itself. What is up with that? I bet every kid who has ever baked with vanilla for the first time has tasted it. It’s one of Mother Nature’s cruel jokes. However, I was tempted to try it again after sniffing the bottle of pure vanilla extract. It smells so good.

One other thing I thought about as I checked on the baking cookies, is the fact that recently the San Francisco Board of Supervisors had to make a decision on whether to ban public nudity in their city. There was no law against public nudity in San Francisco. Seriously, I mean, I KNOW in San Francisco public nudity is acceptable during special events, like the  Bay To Breakers Marathon, for one example. Or your in-laws are coming to town. you know, special events. I experienced public nudity first hand at Bay To Breakers this year. Ahh, no, not first hand participant, but first hand witness. I saw public nakedness at the Bay To Breakers run. But I didn’t think it was lawful to just be naked any day of the week on the streets heading to the local coffee shop for your morning caffeine. I just thought every city in America would have a ban on public nudity. Apparently not. Who knew?

I guess nudity in public adds a new meaning to every woman’s comment, “I have nothing to wear.”  Surely it shaves some time off that getting-ready-for-work routine. Public nudity didn’t seem to be any big deal in San Francisco before the topic of the ban was made public. It wasn’t a big deal because most people didn’t know it was legal, until Supervisor Scott Weiner ( real name, you can’t make this stuff up ) in 2010 made a proposal to force nudists to sit on handkerchiefs or towels  in public, according to the San Francisco That comment opened a can of worms. Following Weiner’s statement there were more than one nude-ins. Not sure what you call it when a bunch of people show up on a street corner and just hang out, figuratively. Well, you could call it frightful. Whacky. Not something I want to see on a regular basis. But the nude-ins were happening. Imagine this, if it gets to 70 degrees any day of the year in the city by the bay, it’s considered a heat wave. So, who wants to be naked on the street, especially in cool temperatures? Actually, more people than I thought. But do we really need a law to tell naked people to sit on a towel – that sounds like one of those weird but true laws still on the books in some backwoods southern town, population 186, where it’s written, ‘A woman must avert her eyes when approaching a man in leather chaps on Sunday.’

I swear, it seems to me, a lot of the people who want to go naked in public aren’t the bodybuilders, marathon runners or any other type of well muscle defined, toned bodies. There’s nothing really wrong with the ‘other’ types of bodies – it’s just human nature to appreciate the Adonis style bodies. Anyway, as of  last month, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, narrowly passed, 6-5, the ban on public nudity measure. So the proposal to allow nakedness on my city bus bench, but only with a cloth to cover your behind is moot. I guess I can stop thinking about it now. Maybe I can start thinking about what has happened to Randy Travis after his naked  DUI/fighting/car crash incident. 🙂


Wishing You Inspiration

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when people spend time, energy and money on gifts for others – who in return spend time, energy and money to give back to those people who gave to them. It’s kind of like a gift exchange. Well, I guess it is. There’s really something special about gift-giving. And then there’s something not so special about gift-giving at Christmas time. A time when so many people feel pressured to give a gift to someone they may not even like; that could range from a bratty niece to a grumpy father-in-law. But you have to do it.  It’s not very fun wandering the mall just hoping an idea will pop into your head.

In recent years the internet has made that a whole lot easier – when an idea pops in your head, bam – type it in and you’ll know within seconds if it’s affordable, available and deliverable within your time frame. Seriously though, if you are trying to come up with ideas and Christmas is only a week away, the better that fruitcake is looking. ‘Cause you’re not gonna find that Excalibur Extra-Fancy 5000 what-ever-it-is. Plain and simple. Well, I suppose on e-Bay or craigslist you might find one, but you’ll have to drive in rain, snow or sleet to get it and turn over the title to your car just to make that special someone’s Christmas extraordinary!

And what about giving to non-profits and lending a hand to someone in need at Christmas time? What about the other 364 days a year?  Do you think that on February 6th or March 21st, or June 26th and the rest of the days of the year people in need are still people in need? This year give yourself the gift of giving throughout the entire year! I’m just sayin’.

“Let Christmas inspire each of us to give a little of what we have, to share a little of who we are, to help make this the kind of world it was meant to be.


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