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There’s No Place Like Home

on November 5, 2012

Today’s the first day back on the computer after a two-week hiatus from the computer. Thankfully, it’s like riding a bicycle. Well, except for the password thing. I had to think about my passwords. I actually had to get out the password-cheat-sheet, after-all, I changed most of them in recent months. I still occasionally find myself typing in the old ones. That’s pretty frustrating until I remember, “Ah-ha, changed that one.”

I was on a ‘memory-lane’ vacation; I went back ‘home’. I had the opportunity to go to San Diego, that’s where I consider ‘home’, no matter how long it’s been since I lived there. It’s where I went to school and formed lifetime friendships. It was pretty cool to drive around the old neighborhood and remember who lived where.When I drove by the house I grew up in the new owner was outside and came over to the car and visited. He said my family’s name and hand-prints were still forged in concrete where we put them 52-years ago! He told me some of the changes he had made to the house. That wasn’t as weird as I thought it might be – hearing of the changes, like he converted the fireplace back to wood burning, which my parents had converted to natural gas. I can remember my parents doing that, my mother thought it was ‘cleaner’. But really, who the heck NEEDS a fireplace in San Diego?

I visited places along the beach where my friends and I as teen-agers would hang out. Amazing how some things seemed the same and some had changed but still had familiarity. Like La Jolla Cove; back in the ’60s the cove was the perfect spot for a love-in. Yep, in San Diego there were several places on a Sunday afternoon one could gather for a ‘love-in’. Which meant girls wearing flowers in their hair ( cue up the cowsills  song ) tapping their tambourines and passing  the peace pipe! La Jolla cove had some nice improvements since my last visit. Way back when… the only way to get to the beach front was climbing down the cliffs or jumping off an outcropping called “the clam”; which I never did. But I wanted to, just never could get up the courage. As I looked at it this time, I thought that was probably one of the smartest decisions I ever made as a fifteen year old. It still looked dangerous. However, in recent times, our tax dollars have added a stairway to the small beach where one could swim in the underwater preserve. Which you could share with some very large sea lions. They are really cute to watch. I watched them bobbing in the waves, I could watch them for hours, well, that is if they didn’t stink. But at least they are safe from obstructions in that area, like surf boards and fishermen. Body surfing is allowed and that was cool to see a couple of guys out there riding the waves. And one of those guys body-surfing could probably have shared with you some of his experiences at the cove in the ’60s. As they say, “He was no spring chicken”! Of course I took some photos – now I have some new desktop images. Enjoy!

Look how fun this looks. Don’t know if it’s difficult or not. I never tried it. But it’s just man and nature as one.

When in the water these sea lions don’t look so large, but on land, close up they look pretty big. I didn’t want to disturb this one, I was very quiet. Partially because I have seen videos where they can be aggressive and wasn’t sure how fast they could move! It was awesome to see it up close though.


2 responses to “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Pamela Van Gelder says:

    Love your story about “the cove”, I have to admit I haven’t been back there since we went to the “Love In’s” and the last time might have been when I got my body painted. Yeh, I wasn’t very bright back then and let somebody talk me into it and well we know how that story ended. Anyways after seeing your pictures I think I will take a drive down there this week and take a look. I had always wondered where the “Seal Beach” is, that’s what it is called and now I know where I can find it. I also think I will take a drive over to our old neighborhood. I want to check out Pete Ross. I can’t wait to see the house that was put into the walkway. Thanks for sharing your memories with me and everyone else. I have to admit I have tried body surfing showed my grandson’s how to do it. It is harder than it looks. You really have to catch that wave just right or you go under. But when you do catch it, it is amazing and the look on Nick & Austin’s face their first time was priceless. They didn’t know you could surf without a board. The things we have to show the next generation.

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