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Not Sure It’s A Win

on October 9, 2012

I read a story last week about a Florida based children’s party event; your kids can swim with baby alligators – in the pool, with the gator’s mouth taped shut. SERIOUSLY. There is really something wrong with that, folks. First of all, it upsets me that they tape the gators mouth shut. And secondly, allowing your kid to get in a pool with a gator who pees and poops in water? Oh yea, and the part about there being potential for something to go awry and your kid is maimed or killed …  all for only $175.00 I’m just sayin’. NOT right.

I wasn’t even going to mention the kid’s pool/gator/later therapy party. It just happened. What really caught my eye in the newspaper this morning – yes newspaper, all sections. Okay, I skip the sport’s page unless I’ve absolutely read everything else. So, today I read a blurb about a guy, again, in Florida. A lot of weird stuff seems to happen in Florida. Anyway, 32-year-old Edward Archbold died shortly after eating dozens of live cockroaches with worm chasers. Eating and cockroaches shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence. Unless you say, “Hey look, a cockroach is eating another cockroach.” What the heck is wrong with people? LIVE COCKROACHES. I wonder what kind they were.  American Cockroach, big ol’ brown German Cockroach, the huge Madagascar Cockroach? It really doesn’t make it a lot better for me where they traveled from or if the roaches were dead and deep-fried. Not happening. Archbold’s cause of death is unknown. Really? Do you think there’s a medical term for man-over-doses on cockroaches? What’s it going to say on that man’s death certificate?  1) Died of humiliation, oh yea, and 2) he over-dosed on cockroaches. I am positive over-dosing on live bugs will not be my claim to fame. Just the thought of touching a disgusting, disease carrying roach makes my skin crawl. There’s not enough anti-bacterial hand-sanitizer for me to do that. No. No. No.

Well, dead Ed Archbold, winner of the cockroach-eating contest will not get to enjoy his prize; a live python. Seems like a lose-lose situation to me. I think poor Archbold ended up on the losing end of that win either way.  RIP.


One response to “Not Sure It’s A Win

  1. Pamela Van Gelder says:

    I have never been to Florida but I have heard and read a lot of really WEIRD things go on there. I know you can’t believe every thing you read or hear but what you read I guess it really happened and it just proves my point that really WEIRD things do happen in Florida. RIP Archbold, I hope you were a single, stupid man and didn’t leave a wife and a dozen kids. I’m just saying!!!!

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