I'm just sayin'

on September 28, 2012

I was really frustrated with a web site yesterday. I was just trying to place a photo order and I have never used the company’s web site before. After all the uploading and order placing, I got to the page where I clicked ‘order’. After I clicked ‘order‘ it kept asking me how many recipients did I want to send this order to and it wanted to import their addresses. I DID NOT want to send it to any one. I didn’t want it importing my contact list. I just wanted the order to come to ME. To my house. That’s it. Seemed simple. Well, I suppose it was if you consider yourself, the person ordering the item, a recipient and not customer.  AAAAYYYY! Once I added my name to their request for a recipient, it took me to the name, address and credit card info. It took me several tries – which doesn’t seem like much except every time I would start over, the website wanted to re-load all the photos I had uploaded. So you see my frustration here?

I am surprised that we don’t hear of more computer rage. I can picture some body losing it one day and smack their monitor around a bit. You don’t want to do it too hard and have to replace it – and really it’s only the messenger. It’s the CPU that’s screwing around with you. But mess with that and you have messed with your life. Your pictures are on there, your ability to Skype is on there. What about your banking? Ordering your pizza? How about flowers for your mom or fruit basket for your Aunt Rita? And then there’s that part you need for the dishwasher.

I bet the onset of computers changed the lives of many agoraphobics. Agoraphobics have a fear of open spaces compounded by social anxiety. That is why so many agoraphobics are captives in their own homes, tethered there by fear.  But imagine how a computer would change the life of an agoraphobic. I suppose some one would have to get a computer to them in the first place since they’re not going out to buy one. It would certainly be difficult to have a support group for agoraphobics. Whose house would they meet at? And would it really be therapy if they Skyped their meetings? But this got me to thinking.

Really, in today’s computer world what would I be missing if  I never went outside again? I can have my groceries delivered. I can watch movies on my computer and or television. I can order anything on line. I bet I could order alligator burger meat. There are advantages to not leaving home. I could sell my truck and not have vehicle expenses; gas, maintenance, insurance, licensing. I could work from home and not have to spend money on wardrobe. It’s not as though I’d stop all contact with the outside world. I can have company. I’m just not leaving. If people want to see me they’d have to come over. I wonder how long it would take before a self  imposed ‘agoraphobic-like’ person could stay at home without leaving their property. Hey, I think that could be a reality show. It couldn’t be worse than Toddlers & Tiaras. I’m just sayin’, see how long it takes before somebody cracks and just has to go for a walk or see the beach in person or dine out in a seaside restaurant. Or they run out of wine and can’t get it delivered until the next day. Okay. I’m going to start working on that.


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  1. smitty says:

    You can order alligator meat online……if you want to that is.

  2. Eric Lyon says:

    It sounds like you are describing me to a certain point…hopefully not so much anymore…see you on Oct 17!! 😉 For me it was less actual fear of outside/public and more of a general dissinterest…;)

  3. EJ says:

    good luck with the dentist, though I feel certain that there is a homeopathic self help site that cn help you with that. If all else fails a tank of nitrous, a dremel tool, which can be ordered online, and a friend with a steady hand and a good web site should be able to fix the simple repairs. There is a web site for just about everything: a place to start.

  4. VirgoVoice says:

    Oh the dentist… wasn’t thinking about that. Maybe just pull ’em all and take care of that issue! Perhaps I should think this over a little more 🙂

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