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It’s A Threepeat…

on September 21, 2012

…not a Phil Jackson kind of threepeat when the Lakers won three championships in  a row. But a  (insert drum roll here) snake kind of threepeat. Yep, it’s another snake story. What are the odds I would find another snake on my property in such a short time. It isn’t as though I live in the Congo. I live in suburbia. One MAJOR difference about this snake – well, in my book it’s major, the difference was it was in my HOUSE!!! Slithering across my kitchen floor. WTHell? But once again, it was the cutest canine cop, Phoebe Rae, who alerted me to something awry in our house. Her bark was so intense, not the ” how dare another dog walk past my house” bark. I knew something was different. I had been enjoying the evening sunset from my patio when she started barking fiercely enough for me to find out what her problem was.

Well, her problem was a snake in her kitchen. It was a teeny, tiny snake. However, it appeared to have the same markings as the Western Rattlesnake in my backyard last week. Okay, I admit I sort of freaked out. I have never forgotten an article I read stating that baby rattlers are more venomous than the adults. Some kind of Mother Nature protection system. Honestly, I don’t know if that’s true, It’s just what I remember. So, of course one might jump on the counter to get a bird’s eye view of the snake. There were two of us – one went to get a bucket to put over it until further decision as what to do next. And the other took a picture! I did that after sequestering the dogs in another room. As I was taking a picture it started to move. HELP! I did not want a rattle snake meandering around my house, moving about like it owned the place. Hell No. It was about 7:40 in the evening, I called animal control thinking they had an emergency number. ‘Cause I was thinking this was an emergency. A Rattle  Snake in my house. I called and got a recording, that asked if this concerned a wild animal, an injured animal, an animal that has come in contact with a human, the list went on –  I figured a snake in a house had to fall in there somewhere. So I pushed #2  and got someone right away. I told them I had a rattle snake in my kitchen. “I’m going to transfer you to that line.” What? There’s a special line for snakes in the house? That line had a recording informing me, “There are two calls ahead of you.” Who knew that late in the evening there would be two other wildlife emergency’s at the same time? Eventually, I spoke to a live person and told her I had a  baby rattle snake  trapped under a bucket in my kitchen.

The animal control agency told me the responding officer had two other emergency’s in front of me so she would be there, it would just be during ‘extended hours’. I didn’t care of her hours were extended, I suppose that will justify her overtime, just get here at some point.  So now we just wait. I blocked off the doorway into the kitchen with a baby-gate and let the dogs out and Phoebe laid on her dog bed on the this side of the kitchen door and just stared at the bucket. Lassie would have been proud of her the way she had communicated to me, ” Mom, come here. Hurry. Hurry.” It was Phoebe’s way of saying, “Timmy’s in the well.”  (You’d have to remember Lassie on Sunday nights to know that one.) Two hours later and scores of checking to be sure the bucket was still in place the animal control officer finally showed up. I directed her to the bucket, assured her it was tiny, but I was pretty sure it was a rattler. Well, not exactly. She lifted the bucket and said, “Oh, what you have here is a Garden Snake.” I told her I thought it’s markings looked just like a rattle snake. She said that is its defense; resembling a rattler to keep predators away. But wouldn’t you think that being mistaken for a rattle snake has more disadvantages? Maybe not in the wild, but in someone’s kitchen. The officer picked it up with one of those snake picker-upper thingees and took it outside and released it in my front yard. Well, not before I got another picture. I feel a lot better knowing it wasn’t a rattle snake. However, I have been hesitating before I enter a room. It hasn’t even been 24 hours. Not sure what can happen next in this household… I’m just sayin’.

WARNING: Snake pictures below – you tell me, don’t you think the Garden Snake looks similar to a Western Rattle Snake?

The way you can tell a Garden Snake from a Rattle Snake when they are babies is the Garden Snake has a pointed tail and the Rattle Snake will have a rounded tail. So if you are close enough to a snake to see if its tail is pointed or round you can decide to either run like the wind or just admire nature’s beauty; a Garden Snake.


10 responses to “It’s A Threepeat…

  1. Noele says:

    House would be on the market!

  2. Eric Lyon says:

    Good info about the tail, really cute snake when it is not in your kitchen!

  3. realteal says:

    Yes, thanks vv for the info. Fascinating, really. Would much rather hear snake stories from you than tell you my own.
    Glad animal control does respond after hours.
    Way to go, Phoebe Ray! Brave little girl.

  4. padre says:

    Stay tuned to WordPress for the further adventures of Phoebe Ray: Snake Dog, brought to you again this season by the overworked folks at Animal Control. Call them today for your SnakeAlertCollar and all your anti-venom needs.

  5. Pamela Van Gelder says:

    The rate your going you will be LUCKY to get any visitors to your house or back yard for a bar-b-que. I’m just saying if I knew you had these types of pets visiting your house inside and out I don’t know if I would have come to stay last year, you know how I feel about snakes. But then again with you for company YES I would still come visit but sleeping may be hard or I will just insist that
    Phoebe Ray sleeps with ME. Good Girl Phoebe Ray for saving your MOM.

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