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Hogback Bridge of Madison County

on August 31, 2012

In 1992 a book written by Robert James Waller was published; Bridges of Madison County. It is a love story with  steaminess and a love that oozes from every pore, oh yea, and infidelity. When the book came out you could see women reading the book in airports, beauty salons, at bus stops or in their cars waiting for the kids to get out of school. In 1995 a movie was made with the same title. Clint Eastwood directed it and starred in it as the lead role with Meryl Streep. If you haven’t seen it and have a popcorn and rainy day kind of day it would entertain you. And open up discussions…

The setting for the story is in Somerset, Iowa  in Madison County, population about 16,000, located south of Des Moines. Madison County is home to covered bridges built back in the mid to late 1800s. Somerset, Iowa is also the birthplace of ‘John Wayne’ – ‘The Duke’, whose real name was Marion Morrison. Who would have thought that the Duke, a man’s man would have such a girly name? So John Wayne would have been familiar with the covered bridges of Madison County. Originally there were 19 bridges, six remain today, with several of them being restored over the last 15-years or so.

In 1997 I had the chance to drive from Des Moines Iowa to Minneapolis, Minnesota by way of Madison County. Of course I had to stop and take some pictures of the bridges – or at least one of the bridges. I photographed the ‘Hogback Bridge’. It was back in film days, no digital camera then. And I shot the photos in black and white and developed the film and printed the images in my darkroom.  However, I hand painted the black and white images – which really took some time. Today it would be quite easy to do so with Photoshop and other software such as that. I have not hand colored a photo in a long time – why would I? However, it is quite relaxing like coloring in a kid’s coloring book. But really important not to go outside the lines! The countryside along the way offered more photo opportunities of which I took advantage. But today I’m sharing my hand colored photo of Hogback Bridge. If you ever travel to the Des Moines, Iowa area it is worth a stop to see the town of Somerset – it looks a little like Mayberry, USA.

Hogback Bridge, Madison County, Iowa. This is a hand colored black and white image taken in 1997.


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