I'm just sayin'

I’m baaaaack…

on August 27, 2012

My time away from this blog was longer than I expected. I took some of my time away to rethink the use of my blogging. I have tried to incorporate my love of photography and writing. Sometimes I have photos to go along with my stories – sometimes I do not. One reason is time, it’s difficult to have time for both. I am going to start posting more photos with a description of the circumstances surrounding the images.

I thought I’d start today with an image of the front end of my friend’s motorcycle with a little help from photoshop . I loved the original photo of this close up but I also liked working with the image and having a little fun with it. I have had several people interested in the photoshop version and have a friend who has this one hanging in their home.

My friend built this bike. It is a Harley Davidson, 1949 Panhead. I really like the visor over the headlight.


3 responses to “I’m baaaaack…

  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Nice!!! Sorry the phone died, I hope to talk to you again soon!!

  2. Noele says:

    Missed you!! Glad you’re back. You know you have 4 fans of your photography here in NY!

  3. Anna Olson says:

    nice photoshop work with this fine photo!!

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