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People watching and $5 bottles of Water…

on August 15, 2012

A little desert oasis outside of Las Vegas proper. Also saw wild burros on the same hike.

I’ve got a date in another state… as in United States, not state of confusion. Looking forward to people watching at the airport, that’s half the fun. Oh, maybe there’s somebody watching me and thinking some of the same things I’m thinking about them. Hummm. I have done this often enough I know the security thing pretty well.  Basically, strip down. The secret is to be early so you don’t have to rush – in my younger years I typically would be the last person on the plane. Not fun to run like that anymore. So I am bidding you adieu. And will leave you with a couple of photos I have taken over the years on other travels. Enjoy! These are two from great extremes.

This is in Hawaii, on Oahu. We went to a place called Honey’s and listened to traditional Hawaiian music. It was a good day and good music!


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