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Who Needs The Training Here?

on August 13, 2012

Daniel Beck, alligator trainer. Alligator and trainer don’t even belong in the same sentence. C’mon training alligators?How’s that working for you, Dan?  Over the weekend Beck was doing his job in front of a crowd at the Ohio County Fair; training a gators. However, and often times there is a however when a man eating animal is part of the equation. Ask Siegfried and Roy. However, something went awry and the gator got the better of Beck and chomped into Beck’s arm. Lucky for us Dan Beck tells the audience beforehand (no pun intended) to turn their cameras on and they did. So you too can witness the actual event. When the producer of the show, Bert Lucas,  realized the alligator had Beck’s arm gripped in his teeth, he ran to Beck’s rescue to keep the alligator from going into a death-roll. The show was on cement not in water, so I’m guessing that death-roll thing the gator does in the water with his prey is maybe a tad worse being slammed into cement with a six-foot alligator flopping around on top of you. But before the death-roll can happen, Lucas attempts to pry open the mouth of the alligator attached to the human arm. After about twenty seconds the alligator just lets loose of Beck’s arm. It’s all intact with some puncture wounds. The doctor said he can return to work in 6-8 weeks. Is that the usual amount of time Workman’s Compensation will allow one to heal from Alligator wounds? What about his emotional stability? A couple of weeks there, right?. Just like a paid vacation, of sorts. But really, I still can’t figure out what a trainer wants to train an alligator. Well, besides the ‘no bite’ thing. The gator all ready knows the ‘roll over’ trick. Do want him fetching your newspaper? Your slippers? Do you train him with intimidation tactics? Drive him by the shoe factory now and then. I really can’t picture an alligator sitting up begging for whatever an alligator would beg for. A human being? A cute little river rat? Seriously.

I’m really not so keen on wild animals being trained to do stupid pet tricks. Teaching my dog to sit and not run out the door when I open it for the UPS guy I think is a teeny-bit different than asking a gator to behave like, well I’m really not sure what an alligator trainer wants from his alligator. It makes me wrinkle my brow and squint my eyes, think real hard and try to come up with an answer as to the sense of training a gator. Or a tiger. Or elephant. Or a bear. Or a monkey. Or a whale. I would love to have a bird, a little chirpy bird that whistles and sings. But then I think about putting it in a cage and I just can’t. I can’t stand to see those beta fish swimming around in a little 2 cup fish bowl. So I probably wouldn’t have been watching the man vs alligator at a county fair. But I did watch the video and I think the alligator and I have some of the same ethics. But I can speak up and it, well, speaks up in a different way. Oh well, Dan Beck.


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