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Blowin’ In The Wind

on August 10, 2012

If you’ve listened to country music you’ve heard of country musician and singer, Randy Travis.  Randy has been open about his troubled times as a young man. He also has been forth right about his sobriety and commitment to his faith. And the importance his wife, who has been his manager for 30 years. Well, that all changed in 2010 when the couple filed for, in  Tammy Wynette’s words,  D-I-V-O-R-C-E . According to articles I’ve read, it is not a divorce one would call amicable. It seems there are lawsuits, accusations and backsliding. Yep, Randy didn’t just fall off the wagon, he fell off a stagecoach. You have to have seen the news of it on the internet. The authorities released his mugshot. Holy mackerel. He was arrested after he crashed his car, a 1998 Trans Am. What the Heck? Please tell me it was all souped up and looked like it came off the showroom floor. Why would Randy Travis, mega-millionaire – well, he was a millionaire before the ‘Big D’, why would he be driving  a 14 year old car?

All right, so that’s not even the big news, he not only was drunk, he was NAKED. Naked. WTHeck? How in the world does someone end up driving around naked? I’m trying to picture it. No, Not Randy, the scenario. Is he home, looking around at all the stuff he doesn’t have? He pours himself a little Jack Daniels, maybe a beer chaser and looks from room to room feeling worse by the gulp. Pours himself another one. Gulp. And it continues until, what? He’s stumbling around his house in Tioga, Texas, and decides that maybe the house would look better if he was NAKED? Okay, so he gets naked. Temperatures have been hot in those parts for weeks now. Tioga, Texas, is just north of Dallas. But then at some point he decided to take the Trans Am out for a spin. NAKED. Maybe they have drive-thru liquor stores there. Maybe it was a beer run. Nevertheless, I don’t take my dogs with me without their leash, even if there’s no plans to let them out. What if? Flat tire, engine trouble.  You never know. But Randy didn’t even grab some flip flops ( do they wear those in Texas?) in case he ended up having to walk. Well, obviously something did happen because we all know he ended up in jail. He’s innocent until proven guilty. But just for the record, the sheriff’s office reported he “smelled of alcohol and showed several signs of intoxication.” What do you think was the clue there? The Nakedness? The fact he crashed his Trans Am into a tree? And now that you have him handcuffed and in the backseat of the patrol car,  he threatens to “shoot and kill the workers in this case.”

So fast forward to the next morning. He was bailed out and released to someone picking him up in a big ol’ pick up truck. In the film clip showing him being escorted out to the truck I could see he had on those paper throw-away scrub-looking outfits the jail has for people who show up naked. However, I took note that he had on a hat. Not a jail issue type hat, a baseball cap. So the guy who is coming to get him from jail, doesn’t bring him any clothes, just a hat? In his one phone call looking for someone to come bail him out, he forgot to mention he arrived with no clothes on? But said, “By the way when you pick me up, bring me a hat?”  I’m just wondering.

So after something like that happens and the news of it spreads like a wildfire, when does one make their next public appearance? How many drinks would it take to get the courage to go on stage again, knowing everybody knows this about you? Perhaps he should talk to George Jones, Rob Lowe, David Hasslehoff, Mel Gibson, Hugh Grant. Imagine that support group. One thing for sure that’ll be the silver lining in all this for Randy is, I am positive there’s a country song in there somewhere… I’m just sayin’.

  ” The night I was naked, I crashed my Trans Am.

The night I was naked, I threatened the cops.

The night I was naked, I drank til I dropped….”

PS – Randy Travis is the first country singer I saw in concert.I saw him at the MGM Grand in Reno, Nevada, 1989.


5 responses to “Blowin’ In The Wind

  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Could he have been NAKED with the hat?? “The night I was naked, I just put on my hat”. If not, it sounds about right that he asked his friend to bring him the hat (jail already gave him some cool scrubs). So funny, you are such a good writer!!

    • VirgoVoice says:

      Would wearing a hat still make you NAKED? Headlines might read “Randy Travis, drunk, crashed car and wearing a hat and no clothes.” That actually would have been funnier to see; covering his head but not his bits and pieces.

  2. realteal says:

    Love your commentary, VV. Yes, lyrics to follow:

    That hot night in Texas, the likker that vexes,
    Blamed it on the heat and the swill,
    Truth to tell was Selena, There’s no woman meaner,
    She took my heart and my will.

    Drove me buck naked to buy more libations.
    For the pain in my heart, but it gave me a start,
    When so fast it all crashed
    And car wrapped around that tree on a hill.

    And so on……

  3. realteal says:

    My apologies, V.V. Too many years being influenced by things like “She’s Acting Single and I’m Drinking Double” and “Please Bypass This Heart.” Or “I Bought the Shoes That Just Walked Out On Me.”

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