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Reba Faye Update

on July 26, 2012

Reba looking longingly for more food!

After a month of a new diet and taking her hypothyroidism medication Reba has lost nearly two pounds – which is considerable for a dog who only stands eight-inches tall. Her weight loss has improved not only her health but her activity level.  She leads on walks instead of bringing up the rear. Every night she brings her ratty ol’ toy and tosses it up in the air and barks until someone throws it for her so she can run and retrieve it to do it all over again. She may have a new diet but she is still sweet as pie. Just look at that face.



6 responses to “Reba Faye Update

  1. Noele says:

    yay good for her!!

  2. Eric Lyon says:

    Aw, good news, love her!!

  3. Smitty says:

    Good for Reba. I’ll let cuzn Nelson know.

  4. VirgoVoice says:

    They should start a support group!

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