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AGT Quarterfinals

on July 25, 2012

Watching America’s Got Talent this season has not been all that thrilling, at least for me. Usually when I watch one of these type of talent shows I pick out a favorite act or performer. Not necessarily a favorite to win, but one I like. Winners and favorites aren’t always the same. Well, this season I have watched faithfully – though it seems to drag on a little more this season then I remember. But maybe that’s because 1) there seem to be so many more finalists and 2) nobody really stood out to me. Not like the year Terry Fator the ventriloquist with the incredible singing voice showed up to take the show by storm. Terry Fator won the show and the million dollars and has his own Vegas act in the Terry Fator Theater at the Mirage. I voted for him back then – he won and I have gone to see his show. I am telling you, if you get to Vegas you have to see his show. Incredible talent and entertainment.  A must see and it is for the whole family.

Fast forward a few seasons of America’s Got Talent and there is nobody in the same category as Terry Fator. However, after watching tonight’s last 12 performers of the last round of eliminations, 8 will be eliminated after tonight’s votes are tallied, I saw a few acts that just might have what it takes to win the contest. The winner need be a show with entertainment value, be worth a million dollars and have John Q Citizen be willing to spend money to go see the performance. William Close, a contestant, is an inventor &  musician who engineered an instrument he calls an ‘Earth Harp’. It is hard to explain, it is harp like, it has wires stretched, I’m going to guess, maybe 100 feet across the stage and over the audience attached to something I can’t see. At  the stage level they are attached to wood, similar to a harp and he coerces music from this monster size harp that he made. Tonight he stepped it up with his performance and added homemade drums and a singer. You have to see the act if not just  to see this instrument and how he manipulates these wires or string to make such beautiful sounds. The music is not only captivating but to know he made this harp is impressive. He stands out from the run-of-the-mill musical artists who come across the AGT stage. Even if he doesn’t win the competition I am sure this will not be the last we hear of William Close.

I would say out of the 12 performances tonight, it will be a difficult choice to whittle it down to four, but America votes and tomorrow night we will know who moves on to the finals. The one act that I don’t get is a guy who calls himself Horse. His “talent” is taking hits to his bits and pieces! Hits with bats, drop kicks to his scrotum, run in with poles. In his audition he had a guy use a sledge hammer on his family jewels. Can that really be categorized as a talent? And why? He’s up against 10-year-old Mariachi singer Sebastian and mind-reader Eric Dittleman, to name just a couple of REAL talented contestants. If you haven’t seen Horse get repeated nut shots it’s hard to believe without seeing. To see William Close’s Earth Harp and Horse, go to:   I’m going to wait until the final 12 contestants before I pick my favorite from that select group and I’ll choose who I think will win. Anybody have any guesses who will make it to the top three?


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  1. Eric Lyon says:

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog and your writing style! 😉

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