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Out of the Closet…

on July 23, 2012

…and on to the internet. Over the years I have spent oodles of time and oodles of money enjoying photography. I have spent too many hours to count in a dark room developing film and printing black and white photos. Many of them trapped in boxes in a closet just dying to be shared. I am inspired to share some of  them. And of course they all come with a story. I not only have black and white – those are the ones I developed and printed myself, but scores of color prints, too.

Some photos are more snapshots than a planned photography session or excursion. There are those times I had to seize the moment. The images I’ve posted today are in that category – I just grabbed my camera and tried to freeze the split second flash of time I had to witness and record the event. Sometimes I’m not quick enough and it’s just a Kodak moment in my mind. Sometimes the image is a little blurry and may be of no interest to anyone else. But, is a reminder to me of that fleeting scene that meant enough to me to want to capture it.

I hope you enjoy these images and I look forward to sharing more photos – there are plenty!

I had to snap a photo of this colorful visitor. I had never seen this kind of bird in my backyard before and I have never seen one again. Was it a wayward bird who was lost or just saw a bird retreat and decided to give it a try? My bird book is not for the amateur bird watcher – that would be me! The book I have requires one to know the family a bird belongs to. And I am lucky to identify it as I bird I don’t recognize. Maybe my other birds didn’t make it feel welcome. For whatever reason I have never seen one again. I think I should invest in a simple bird guide – maybe one that puts them in color categories. Anybody know what kind of bird this is?

As I passed my kitchen window I glanced out towards the bird feeder and was surprised to see ‘someone’ else watching the bird feeder. I’m not sure what kind of hawk this is – but I’m pretty darn sure it’s a hawk that loves little birds and not in a good way. I have identified a sharp-shinned hawk before in my backyard trees. My bird book lists small birds as their favorite meal. But since I am no bird expert and can’t see more identifiable markings on this hawk your guess is as good as mine. I watched the hawk for a minute or two before I thought ‘oh I should take a picture’. I took this photo through my window with a point and shoot camera – it was the closest at hand. The hawk kept his eye on the feeder, but there were no birds. As a matter of fact, it was very quiet in the backyard; no scrub jays squawking, no mockingbirds singing, very quiet on the home front. It finally flew off and within minutes the backyard came alive again. The feeder had traffic, the bird bath had bathers and even the squirrels jumped from tree to fence. Back to normal…

I dropped this feeder filled with seed on its squirrel-proof top and cracked it. Before I could replace it I repaired it with good ol’ duct tape. Almost immediately the resident squirrel peeled off the tape. And I caught him with his head in the top of the feeder.  I ran him off and applied a double layer of tape. Within minutes of me going back into the house he was out there checking out the new repair job. But this time he couldn’t get a good start on the tape edge. He looks as though he’s trying to figure out his next move. He eventually gave up, the duct tape won this battle. (You think he’d be happy with the peanuts I put out for him.)

For weeks this little bird would come tapping on the window early in the morning. Out of a sound sleep, Mercedes Lynn, our schnauzer, would fly off the bed, down the stairs to sit and stare at the bird as it pecked the window. Mercedes would sit transfixed. I could call her name, jiggle the car keys, rattle her leash, nothing distracted her from sitting there eye to eye with this daily visitor. But just as quickly as it had showed up it disappeared. I am told male birds see their reflection in the glass and think it’s another male and it is defending it’s turf. And let me tell you, birds that peck at their reflection are relentless in their pecking while defending it’s territory.


6 responses to “Out of the Closet…

  1. Anna Olson says:

    God has sure blessed you with a gift!! Thanks for sharing!! And thanks for asking me to ‘like’ your fb. page. I accepted your request.

  2. kathy odum oliphant says:

    the bird is an Oreale they love grape jelly /oranges and humming bird food…

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