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Oprah says there are no co-inky-dinks!

on July 9, 2012

While on vacation I had the opportunity to chill-out and watch a movie or two. Although I am not a film critic by trade I do enjoy analyzing a flick or two. One of the films I viewed was “Jeff Who Lives At Home” starring Jason Segal ( Love You Man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall ) and Ed Helms of  The Office, Hangover and Hangover II. Segal plays  Jeff a stoner who lives in his mother’s basement, getting high and pondering life’s ordinary occurrences believing them to have specific significance in life. Simply put, everything happens for a reason. Who hasn’t heard that saying before? Ed Helms plays Pat, Segal’s somewhat estranged brother. I don’t like to hear too much about a movie before seeing it, so I’m not going to tell you too much about the film. I will tell you that it is thought provoking.  Some viewers will poo-poo the idea of  ‘everything happens for a reason’ and will chock it up to fate or God’s will. Perhaps it’s a combination of both; God wants you to take the journey to see how life opens doors to lessons you need to learn. At some point in life, I think, everyone has had a moment when they have wondered ‘what if,’ especially in an instance when they have taken a life-path by mistake or unwillingly or choice. I have had my share of those moments. Actually, on my 9-hour ride back home I had one of those moments.

My dogs often travel with me by car and are great travelers. They hop in the back seat where I have made a comfy nest for them to settle in and go along for the ride, even 9-hour rides. They give me a heads up when they need to make a stop – thankfully their bladders are usually in sync with mine. But on the way home this time Phoebe just couldn’t seem to settle in as usual. I made at least one extra stop to see what it was she needed. She got out of the truck sniffed around didn’t seem to know what she wanted. I poured water in her bowl, no that wasn’t it. She didn’t urgently run to the closest tree. So what was her problem. I don’t know. But her noise making, she makes funny noises, not barking or whining just a mmmm-mmm sound, had me trying everything to comfort her. I did not know what her problem was. Yes, a little irritating but also I had concern for her comfort. Which is difficult to deal with in a vehicle. I made another unscheduled stop to see if I could figure it out. Nothing. Back on the freeway traveling at freeway speeds when all of a sudden brake lights up ahead. Traffic came to a standstill, not something anyone enjoys when heading home after a long day of driving. I could see something up ahead, but couldn’t tell exactly what was happening. The incident site was only about 30/40 car lengths ahead, slowly we approached the site and there was a van with all it’s windows blown out, the top crushed and all it’s contents strewn about the freeway, some of the occupants were along side the freeway shoulder and some occupants slumped in their seats. It was a horrific scene. We were so close to the timing of the incident that no emergency vehicles had arrived yet. Lucky for us, we were only held up a few minutes. After passing up the accident and feeling awful for the family having to deal with this, my dog Phoebe, who had been fidgety for the entire ride, causing me to make what seemed like unnecessary stops, now curled up in her backseat bed and went right to sleep riding the rest of the way home in silence. Had I not made the unscheduled stops we could have been right in the middle of  that casualty. Fate? Coincidence? Or just life?

If you have had occurrences such as this in your life and have wondered about the meaning, I think you would enjoy the film Jeff Who Lives At Home. Just as a heads up, it has some strong adult language and scenes. It is billed as a comedy and yes it has some moments where you will laugh, but it is not a laugh your ass off film. You can rent the movie from  It’s worth the buck!


3 responses to “Oprah says there are no co-inky-dinks!

  1. Eric Lyon says:

    I think dogs, cats and other animals have psychic abilities.I don’t doubt for a second that Phoebe had a sense of danger and she took care of it the only way she knew how. I think she probably saved your life or saved you (and John and Reba) from injury. One time Emma who adores car rides was just not having it and I had to pull over to see if she had to go potty or something and she didn’t. After a while she was just okay with it again, I feel as if she sensed something as well.

  2. EJ Lyons says:

    i would like to know who eric lyon is. and yes one time i was eating a carrot and someone said something so funny i blew a sizeable chunk out of my nose. i have always wondered if i had swallowed the carrot faster ,,,,,,,,,signed Eris Lyons

  3. Noele says:


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