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Dogs I Have Known and Loved

on June 29, 2012

I’ve been wanting to decorate a wall in my house with photos of all the dogs that have been a part of my life in some way. Some have been dogs that that were part of my family. Some have been dogs of friends of mine. Some have been foster dogs. And some are part time dogs that stay with me for the day or sometimes just overnight or a couple of overnights. Besides my two dogs, Phoebe Rae and Reba Faye, I have an 11-month old, 7 pound, female, Yorkshire Terrier, Bubbles, who comes spends the day at my house and her older ‘sibling’ Mac an 85-pound golden retriever comes over in the morning and then meanders back home through our common fence and gate. When the ‘girls’ bark at the squirrel that teases them running along the fence, then Mac comes to see what the fuss is about. After seeing all is okay he quietly sneaks back to his resting spot in the shade, up against the house with his nose next to the gate sniffing all that wafts his way. Some days I have too much time on my hands – I take pictures of them. A lot of pictures.

With the desire to put up a  collection of photos of dogs I have loved, I have been going through heaps of photos and thought I’d share.

 Phoebe and Reba

These are my present dogs. Phoebe was my first foster dog and I kept her. She was sick and needed a place to recover. I knew when I picked her up from the rescue foundation that it was going to be difficult to give her back when she was healthy. And I was right. I ended up keeping her. There lies the basis for my title as the ‘Foster Failure.’ She is loaded with personality. She makes funny woo-woo- woo noises if someone doesn’t acknowledge her when they come into our house.  And Reba, named for a famous red-head country singer, was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, so she is on medication and not so much calorie intake. The latest report on her is she has lost about one and half pounds in 10-days! So there Jenni Craig!


Mac is my neighbor’s dog who comes over everyday. I throw him the tennis ball and he catches it and runs home with it. I have found ten-balls stashed all around his food bowl. I bring them back to my house and we start all over; I throw ’em and he steals ’em.


Let me just say, Holy Terror. Bubbles spends most days with me and my two dogs. She think she has to be the boss of Reba.  And she steals the ball from Mac. It’s a little quieter after she returns home in the evening. Sometimes too quiet.


Dora arrived at our house in pretty rough shape. She was matted, never had shots, she was in heat and just a puppy. Her owners had her parents and found homes for the other puppies in the litter. But not her. Unwanted, they neglected her. When she went into heat they were going to surrender her to the pound. A friend of mine couldn’t let that happen and took her in, but she had just rescued a chihuahua, terrier mix brother and sister. Who you gonna call? Of course, I took her home, gave her a haircut, a bath and she was almost good to go. I had her spayed and micro-chipped and found her a home six hours away. And there she resides with someone who adores Dora!  I guessed her to be a Schnoodle!  A schnauzer poodle mix.                                           


Lucky, a chihuahua, was a weekend guest. His family had to attend an out-of-area funeral and couldn’t take the little guy. He was only 8-weeks old and weighed in at just about two pounds. He carried that rope toy around all weekend – it weighed almost as much as he did.


Jack Boy lived with us for 13 years. He was about three years old when he found us. One night I came home and this little guy was sitting in my driveway. Just stayed there when I got out of the car. I couldn’t just let him stray, of course not. So I put him in the garage for the night. I waited to introduce him to my two dogs until morning. Introduction wasn’t a huge problem, my two other dogs were females. After numerous hours nailing  fliers up on telephone poles I finally got a call three days later from Jack’s owners.  (That was his name) They didn’t want him back! Seriously. So we kept him. I called him a peek-Tzu, because I thought he was a cross between a Pekingese and a Shih Tzu


Fairlane was a foster dog who had kennel cough and needed to be away from the rescue foundation environment. So I took her in for a couple of weeks. She’s the first foster dog I didn’t keep after fostering. Boy, was it difficult to do. However, shortly after she went up for adoption I saw a picture of an 8-year-old boy holding her and anxiously waiting to take her home. Well, that felt better.  I guessed her to be a corgi-dauchsand mix. And yes. her head appears to be  too big for her body!

Fairlaine was a foster dog who had kennel  cough and needed to be away from the rescue foundation so she could get better and put up for  adoption.. She was the first dog I fostered and was able to return her so she could find  her ' forever' home. It was sure difficult to do. But I did see a picture on the rescue foundations web site of an 8-year old boy holding her  ready to take her home. That made my day.

The list goes on and on. In the future, look  for more photos and dog tales.


2 responses to “Dogs I Have Known and Loved

  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Awww, I love dogs and would be a ‘Foster Failure’ for sure!! I miss my Emma and Milo so much!

  2. realteal says:

    Dogs know they can count on you and they sniff you out, VV! If Bubbles stops coming over, Toby will be glad to visit and fill in the Yorkie space.

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