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To Heck With Dear Abby

on June 14, 2012

I take pride in myself in regards to being an informed consumer. Before buying anything; a product or service, like a lot of people, I first start looking through the newspaper ads. Okay, so a lot of older people start with the newspaper. Then the next thing I do is the internet-search-thing, with my pen and scrap paper next to me, which is the back of a used envelope. I begin with the information I found in the newspaper and start looking for the best deal on-line. Anyway, you get the picture and surly you have done something similar.

Though I’m an advocate of being an informed consumer, here comes the part where I confess and add some defense, I did not research the cable company where I live when I moved into this house eleven years ago. Defense, difficult to research on the internet when you don’t have internet service or easy access to internet service (I was diagnosed with cancer four weeks after moving into the house so with treatment side-effects I stayed home more than usual, not the best time to be hanging out in libraries – can you hear the tiny violins?) Anyway, if my memory serves me right there wasn’t a choice back then. Fast forward to 2012. My cable bill continued to increase on a regular basis. I know it’s not just me the cable company gouges. When my recent cable bill arrived, I was abruptly reminded that the ‘best deal’ I had with the cable company; their promotional priced triple-play-bundled-package, had ended. And one certainly knows the end has happened by the AMOUNT DUE dollar amount at the top of the bill. It is the equivalent of a week’s worth of groceries, for a family of four, in Alaska. I was so mad at myself for not doing something about it when the monthly bill crept up over the months, years really. Well, I decided to do something about it. I called right away, spoke with a not-so-friendly-dude, I lowered the package with no contracts to be obligated to. And just as I was about to research my other choices in the neighborhood which was AT&T, someone knocked at the front door. It was a sales representative from AT&T u-verse. Serendipitous, I say!

Well, my sales guy, Justin Wong, stood on my front porch for an hour and a half and explained the ‘best deal’ I could get with AT&T u-verse. I admit, the whole hour and half wasn’t just about the provider or services. He told me his girlfriend had “The Talk” with him the past weekend; the where-are-we-headed talk. He also, told me how strict his father was about grades when he was in school. He said he grew up in San Francisco, went to USF, got a degree in Liberal Arts because he didn’t know what he wanted to do and certainly did not want to teach. (He said he’s not so fond of kids. His girlfriend wants kids someday. Red flag? You think?) He asked me what I thought was an important component in a successful marriage. I told him compromise. Think about it. I asked him has he ever gone to see a chick-flick when he really wanted to see an action-movie? Yes, he said. Have you ever eaten sushi when you really wanted a juicy, steak? Yes. Have you ever watched Desperate Housewives when you really wanted to watch a ball game? Yes. Well, that’s the type of compromises you will be making when you are married. Till death do you part. He grimaced.

In between his personal story we discussed fiber optics, internet speeds along with available television channels. He let me know he and his girlfriend don’t enjoy the same programs. I told him, “There’s a red flag.” I asked him what he was looking for in a mate. He thought about it. “Hummm,” he said. So I asked, “What’s her parents relationship like? He told me her parents really didn’t seem to interact with each other very much. There’s a clue there. He was starting to look a little worried. Beads of sweat broke out on his brow. I thought we better wrap up this session. He went way over his 50-minutes! I figured he had a lot to think about on his drive back to the city. And me, I have a new provider which came with snappier services. I am enjoying my less expensive, faster internet and clearer fiber optic picture on TV. And I also watch out my window for an angry, young woman, without an engagement ring, driving up and down my street searching for the front-porch therapist.

Check out AT&T u-verse:


7 responses to “To Heck With Dear Abby

  1. Linda says:

    The voice of experience………..damn were getting old.

  2. VirgoVoice says:

    We? kimosabi… 🙂

  3. Noele Parente says:

    Only you could stand on the stoop with the cable guy in conversation for an hour and a half!!!

  4. Leslie Zimmerman says:

    Guess you’ve got him on the run…away from his girlfriend that is!

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