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What a sap…

on June 6, 2012

.. I am. I teared-up through three-quarters of Monday night’s America’s Got Talent. It was packed with heart touching moments throughout the hour audition show filmed in Austin, Texas. The show opened with a  Mariachi Band and singer,10-year-old, Sabastien De La Cruz. His politeness and respectfulness, reminiscent of days gone by, was so genuine. For every parent who sets examples and takes the time and effort to teach their children manners, hopes their hard work will pay off and their child will come across like Sebastien De La Cruz. And on top of his engaging smile and personality, I think he did a great job of singing with his band; El Charro de Oro. Though I couldn’t understand the words, he sang in Spanish, this little guy has got it going on. Check out his audition; . His pre-audition interview showcased his charisma when he spoke about his love for his family and music. Albeit, he is a little 10-year-old who is talented, has a passion for his craft but seeing him up on that stage pursuing what he loves simply gives me hope.

Soon to follow Sebastien’s audition came the interview and performance by Timothy Michel Poe, a  War Veteran, wounded in Afghanistan, resulting in a brain injury, in 2009.  Tim Poe’s story is heart-wrenching one moment, but his perseverance, his recovery and his attitude brings joy and again, hope.   You’ve gotta love this guy. His smile is infectious and his story is moving. Watch his interview, background story and his on stage performance for judges, Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne and Howard Stern! . So only one day after the broadcast people ( ex-wife and numerous soldiers from his unit ) are claiming he’s a liar and a  fraud. If that’s true, I really am a sap. It’ll be interesting to follow this story. It’s a good story, but it could be fiction.

After Tim Poe’s performance I thought what happened to the wacky, crazy make-me-laugh-kind-of-auditions? I was hoping for a few chuckles – well, not too long after that thought AGT interviewers found 27-year-old Luann, AKA LuLu, in line waiting her turn. She is from Hanover, Maryland and works as a file clerk and describes herself as just as “normal mom and wife.” Her dream of being a dancer was squashed when she had children. Now that they are not babies – just elementary age kids who definitely would not be embarrassed by their mother’s audition on national television, oh, yea, and youtube! Okay so yea, this is like the old AGT.

Alrighty, I’m ready for the next I-don’t-have-a-talent person to come on stage who do I get, Joe Castillo who does sand art, we’ve all seen it on the internet for years, but Joe shows up to awe the Howard’s and Sharon with his unique talent and it is obvious Howie Mandel has been living in a cave because he was awe-stricken with Joe’s talent as though he’d never seen it before. But Joe’s performance of drawing with sand was displayed with a patriotic theme and theme song of God Bless the USA. Okay, so it got sappy again. The audience was cheering. And Howie Mandel was still sitting there with his mouth agape. But even among the sappiness the show ended on a final wacky note; David “The Bullet” Smith,  the human cannonball. Yep, that’s right, a guy who makes a living, supports a wife and four kids, by being shot out of a cannon. Okay, so I saw it – yea, he came  flying out of a HUGE cannon. But the premise of AGT  is to find a million dollar act; a show people will want to go see and pay money to see in Las Vegas. Well, first of all where do you set up this act in Vegas? Do you shoot him right down The Strip? Over the fountains at the Bellagio?  Besides, once the guy shoots himself out of the cannon what’s he do next? That’s it? I paid money to see a guy be shot out of a cannon? I already saw it on TV. Am I missing something here? I guess what I’m missing is a big ol’ dose of testosterone and the crazies. I’m just sayin’.


2 responses to “What a sap…

  1. Eric Lyon says:

    I just watched your link to Sebastian, he was great!!

  2. Anna Olson says:

    I’ll have to watch Sabastian, too.

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