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One Hundred People Surveyed…

on June 4, 2012

…said they would miss 79-year-old Richard Dawson, host of Family Feud from 1976 – 1985! May he rest in peace!

I’ve been going through my photos taken during San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers; a footrace that covers 7.46 miles across the city from the Bay, near the Embarcadero, to the Ocean where the water breaks onto Ocean Beach. It’s a race, the third Sunday in May every year, where many of the participants come in bizarre costumes, like trolls, Uncle Sam, Spiderman, drag queens in full regalia of high heels and tutus. And yes, there are those who attend in varying degrees of public nudity. Really. I didn’t see any of the naked people actually run (yikes)  however, I was not at the front of  the pack. Truthfully, I was so far behind the majority that I saw my fair share of behinds. I’m sure I don’t have to mention this, but I will – most of those displaying their nakedness were men. Surprised? I think not. I am curious how does one travel to a foot race when you are participating in it NAKED. Do you dress to catch a cab or a bus? Do you just wear a shirt so when you are driving it looks as if you are fully dressed, when actually your cheeks are sticking to the leather seats and your junk’s chafing every time you lift your foot up and down from accelerator to brake? And then what? You park get off the bus or however you arrived and just strip down? Or do you approach the start line and you disrobe? I didn’t see that happening. Just all of a sudden I’m trucking right along in my shoedabakers and there’s a naked man in front of me – well he had on shoes and socks; otherwise he was NAKED. Seriously. Then there was another and another. Not long after a buttload of NAKED men I came upon a naked elderly couple strolling – holding hands, with all there business out there for everyone to see. They were not the only NAKED people in the senior group – I was surprised to see there were people with their kids lined up along the streets supporting the racers – I don’t mean physically supporting ’cause I’m sure no one wanted to touch the sweaty- naked bodies – okay, maybe in San Francisco it’s difficult to get sweaty under any circumstance – ‘Frisco is not know for it’s warm temperatures, nevertheless they were just by-standers, with their kids. Screw the college savings. How about saving for years of therapy. I think there is potential for some long-term therapy there. Or perhaps it could be one of those moments parents take advantage of and use as a learning tool ( no pun intended ) I’m just sayin’, parents could teach anatomy, the theory of gravity and the look-what-the-hell-is-going-to-happen-to-you lesson if you don’t take care of yourself! Truthfully, not all the NAKED specimens looked like the air-brushed versions displayed in Playgirl or Playboy magazines. Although I couldn’t help taking a peek – and a few pictures.  There were handfuls ( again, no pun intended ) of naked people who I am sure thought their stuff was worth a peek. Let me tell you , they were worth a curiosity-peek but not a holy-mackerel-I-wanna-look-like-that-kind-of-peek. It was more like I wanted to go home and wash my eyes out – and put my feet up and have a glass a wine and cross that off my bucket list!



5 responses to “One Hundred People Surveyed…

  1. Linda says:

    Ouch….my eyes……oh the pain……Thanks Earlene!

  2. realteal says:

    Just like being there. Thanks for the detailed report, with pictures. And for the practical perspective on naked logistics! Love it.

  3. Elizabeth Dimick says:

    Glad you were at the back of the pack!

  4. Rose Rodriguez says:

    Lmao! I effin’ LOVE it!

  5. Tim says:

    MMMM cellulite!

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