I'm just sayin'

So here I am…

on June 1, 2012

…in Las Vegas where it is supposed to be 108-degrees today. Because it is a 24-hour city there are always people around in grocery stores, bowling alleys, car washes. Generally speaking, the school of thought is why go grocery shopping or wash your car during the day when you have the option to do it at night when the temperature drops to 90 degrees! The whole diurnal and nocturnal system is askew here. And becuase it is I am very grateful for my DVR.

With my travels, I’ve had to play catch up with America’s Got Talent  but I am up-to-date and so far I have seen some pretty weird things. But the one that stands out is the trio, made up of two guys and a girl who calls her self, Candy Pants. The group name; Cut Throat Freak Show & Eric Odditorium. I knew something was up when one of the guys dumped a pail of broken glass on to the stage. There’s a clue there. And Candy Pants jumps on top of it with bare-feet and does so repeatedly. Then dude #1 exclaims that he is gonna lift a chair with his eye lids… rigged with fish hook like things. You can check the video out if you can stomach that kind of freaky behavior.    I’m not sure how one gets started trying that out. But after you watch a few episodes it becomes clear that a lot of people are willing to humiliate/injure/tempt fate to achieve the American dream of being rich and famous. That’s also evident here in Las Vegas. Just go to Fremont Street when you are in Vegas – Fremont Street is in downtown Vegas, not to be confused with ‘The Strip’.  Fremont Street Experience was the downtown committee’s solution to revitalizing downtown which had become the wicked step-sister to ‘The Strip’. So Fremont Street was a street one could drive on in front of the casinos years ago. Well, a decade or two ago the street was closed off and it was made into a open air strolling experience in front of the casinos where now there are bands and street artists ( and I use that term loosely ) who are stationed along the walking area ( which is actually the old Freemont street I mentioned ) those artists range from spray paint painters, palm readers, musicians,magicians and to top it off there are people dressed as famous people, just in case you want a photo of yourself with a 5′ 2″, 135 pound Stevie Wonder impersonator. Or perhaps you’d rather have your photo with a 6′ 6″  ballerina with a beard. Oh, I’m not kidding.  Though they are not be vying for the Million Dollar award from AGT. It is money and validation that motivates them to exploit themselves. I suppose if I could hide behind a Spiderman mask and have people drop money in my tip-jar I’m thinking I might do it. Maybe. Okay, I would. But not when it’s 108 degrees.


2 responses to “So here I am…

  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Wow, 108 is pretty damn hot dry or humid! I am not interested in seeing that video thank you very much!

  2. Elizabeth Dimick says:

    Hmm – I didn’t need to watch it the first time – or on Utube. Enjoying VirgoVoice.

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