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San Diego Here I Am

on May 28, 2012

OMGoodness – I grew up in SanDiego and to be back here brings a flood of memories – Tonight a Taco night with a friend I have known for 50-years! Way back in third grade Pam and I bonded over our distatste for a very mean third-grade teacher – I guess I can say her name, Miss Buretta. She was so mean we would do anything to get out of her class, including swiping flowers from people’s yards on our way back to school after going home for lunch. After the bell would ring to go back to class after the lunch break we would present the flowers to Miss Buretta, even though we didn’t like her, so we could go to the ‘lavatory’ ( as they called in those days ) and fill the vase with water for the flowers. Did we go directly there and back? Heck No! we took our time – and for some reason the teacher never went looking for her star pupils. We managed to skip out of class for about an hour after lunch each day! And as I look back on that time in our lives I realize the hour we missed must have been the math period! I’m just sayin’.


3 responses to “San Diego Here I Am

  1. Noele Parente says:

    Okay so I guess I will be really jealous when the next post says something like “oh just sittin here enjoying some El Indio”???????? boo hoo!!!

  2. Linda Daily Lewis says:

    Hmmmmm…..sounds like we were in SD at the same time. I just got home a few hours ago.

  3. Tim Madsen says:

    I loved Miss Buretta, she was always really nice to me. Must have been my blonde cuteness lol.

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