I'm just sayin'


on May 24, 2012

I knew it! Okay, maybe I didn’t KNOW it. But I was hoping. I am so happy Phillip Phillips won the American Idol competition. I may not be as happy as he is with his trophy and Ford Focus. Oh yea, and the million bucks, and a recording contract, but I’m happy for him! He comes across as just the kind of guy who deserves to have something spectacular happen in his life. He sang his heart out as well as the voters voting with their heart for one of the most likable contestants to come up the ranks of American Idol. He didn’t just win because of his boyishly good looks. He is an artist. Plus, I’m pretty sure my 20 + votes last night pushed him over the top to winner position. And I was happy to do it, even without receiving a Ford Focus; just a chance to hear him sing more and help him achieve his dream. You go, Phillip Phillips! 

PS – Sorry Jessica…





3 responses to “Phantastic!!

  1. willeybelegal says:

    YAY!! I’m glad he won too!!

  2. Anna says:

    He has a unique voice. I really like his “quirkiness” in his voice.

  3. Eric Lyon says:

    Go Phillip!!! I look forward to hearing his original material!

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