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San Diego Here I Am

OMGoodness – I grew up in SanDiego and to be back here brings a flood of memories – Tonight a Taco night with a friend I have known for 50-years! Way back in third grade Pam and I bonded over our distatste for a very mean third-grade teacher – I guess I can say her name, Miss Buretta. She was so mean we would do anything to get out of her class, including swiping flowers from people’s yards on our way back to school after going home for lunch. After the bell would ring to go back to class after the lunch break we would present the flowers to Miss Buretta, even though we didn’t like her, so we could go to the ‘lavatory’ ( as they called in those days ) and fill the vase with water for the flowers. Did we go directly there and back? Heck No! we took our time – and for some reason the teacher never went looking for her star pupils. We managed to skip out of class for about an hour after lunch each day! And as I look back on that time in our lives I realize the hour we missed must have been the math period! I’m just sayin’.


On the Road Again…

The Virgo Dragon is on the road again – traversing the I-5 from Central California to Southern California where we may be rubbing elbows with celebrities in the supermarket. Okay, maybe not exactly – but maybe a few of the rejected Idol contestants are walking the streets knocking on doors looking for a chance to share their gift. Okay, maybe not. But Like Canned Heat I am “On the Road Again.” 

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Comin’ Down…

… off the Idol rush. Still loving Phillip Phillips today. In the interviews I’ve seen and read in the last 24 hours Phillip has admitted that the commemorative song written for him is really not his style.  Duh!  He performed it well – but it did not scream Phil Phillips to me and I’m happy to hear him say it. Phew… That is not the Phillip I was rooting for – I want to see his quirky – Joe Cockerish type moves – that’s him. That’s part of the appeal he ‘FEELS’ the music – he is living it at the time he is singing it. Can’t wait to hear him get back to the real Phillip.  Did he sell out? Nah,  He played the game and he won.  Now I’m stoked about Duet I only got to watch part of it tonight – I’ve gotta learn the time schedule for the new shows which bring us the tired, the poor, the true artists and the weirdos. Okay, maybe not weirdos -but those just a little left of the center line. I’m just sayin’. Like the guy on America’s Got Talent. C’mon the guy who drives kabob skewers through his face dances to whole different band than say, uh, most of the world! But obviously it floats somebody’s boat. I wonder what his mom thinks. What d’ya tell people when they ask, “And how is your son Bobby? What’s he doing now that he’s all grown up?” I’m not sure if there’s a fancy schmancy name for guy who who does that, like skewerologist.  But if his mom told people that most of them would just nod their head and say, ” Oh, you must be so proud. I bet those school loans are astronomical” and then just walk away.  I’ve always wondered how one gets started doing freakish, daredevily stuff and what about the first time. Are they just sitting around in Wayne’s World one day and say, ” I think I can pierce my cheeks with a shish kabob skewer?” And so how do they go about actually doing it the first time? Besides tequila or say a case or two of beer, how does someone start poking human flesh, their own human flesh, with a not-so-sharp object? I don’t think I would want that to be my talent. Thankfully, I was blessed with other talents, not all of them discovered yet. But nevertheless, I am not going to exercise my gift if I get the urge to ram skewers through any part of my body. Really.I’m just sayin’ WTHeck is up with that?

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I knew it! Okay, maybe I didn’t KNOW it. But I was hoping. I am so happy Phillip Phillips won the American Idol competition. I may not be as happy as he is with his trophy and Ford Focus. Oh yea, and the million bucks, and a recording contract, but I’m happy for him! He comes across as just the kind of guy who deserves to have something spectacular happen in his life. He sang his heart out as well as the voters voting with their heart for one of the most likable contestants to come up the ranks of American Idol. He didn’t just win because of his boyishly good looks. He is an artist. Plus, I’m pretty sure my 20 + votes last night pushed him over the top to winner position. And I was happy to do it, even without receiving a Ford Focus; just a chance to hear him sing more and help him achieve his dream. You go, Phillip Phillips! 

PS – Sorry Jessica…





Stay Tuned…

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